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Elevating First Responder Training through Innovative Learning Management Systems

At Gifford Productions, we are dedicated to transforming how first responders receive training, ensuring they are prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) are at the heart of this mission, providing tailored, accessible, and comprehensive training solutions to a wide range of [...]

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Top 10 Steps to Avoid Boring Online Courses

Top 10 Steps to Avoid Boring Online Courses Many organizations are eager to integrate AI into their Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enhance user interaction and personalization. While AI offers promise, it's vital to address where we have failed today. We have [...]

Crafting Compelling Brand Awareness Videos on a Budget

We help clients build brand awareness from script through to delivery. On this particular video, Akumina pulled us in early to work on the script with their marketing and writing team at their NH headquarters. We decided the quickest way to pull off an upcoming [...]

Boost Your Small Business with Promotional Marketing: SEO Strategies and Link Building

Customers Need to Find You: Video content helps but first we need your customers to find you! Promotional marketing plays a crucial role in helping small businesses thrive. Effective promotion can significantly enhance brand visibility, attract new customers, and drive business growth. Let's explore the power [...]

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Accelerating Success: Overcome Workforce Challenges with an LMS Solution

Accelerating Success with anLMS Solution by Bob Gifford Successful organizations face a common predicament: an overwhelming workload, stretched resources, and an increasing need to retain and develop top talent. In this dynamic environment, the pressure is high, employee burnout is rampant, and organizations struggle [...]

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become integral to the operation of businesses and non-profit organizations alike. They provide a centralized platform for delivering and managing training programs, enhancing learning experiences, and tracking employee or member progress. However, the administration of an LMS can be a complex and time-consuming task. [...]

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Extra Caution: Road Safety During Fall

The Importance of Road Safety In 2014, we produced a short film titled "In Just a Few Seconds," a poignant story that unfolded in a matter of moments. The narrative revolved around Kate, a 17-year-old girl engrossed in her GPS, and Harold, an innocent bystander securing his pickup truck's load. [...]

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“Mastering the Art of Interview Videos: Techniques for Compelling Storytelling”

GREAT stories can be told with simple interview videos. Getting a film look and sound is important and cool, but more importantly is knowing the tricks to get your on-camera subject comfortable and conversational before the camera starts rolling.

Mastering the Teleprompter: Elevating Video Production with Confidence and Clarity

CEO Alex could speak to a room of 500 people with great energy. Speaking direct to the camera lens was a nightmare. These teleprompter tips helped Alex and company with mission critical communications to employees and stockholders.

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