Bob Gifford and his crews connect video cameras, lenses, drones, microphones and monitors all for one purpose – to connect with audiences.

We want to better understand our client’s unique needs and their target audience. We want our interview subject comfortable in front of the cameras. We will offer suggestions to capture viewer’s imagination and expand upon pre-written questions. Our seasoned team is equipped with the right mix of expertise, advanced equipment, and passion to effectively narrate your story, convey your message, and drive your sales. This is the tangible value we pledge to every client, regardless of the size of their budget.

While the term ‘production’ might invoke notions of a complex process, at Gifford Productions, we are committed to making it a seamless, enjoyable journey. From the moment your video project kicks off to the very last frame, we guarantee our best effort to connect with your audience.

Bob Gifford

Owner / Director/ Producer

Bob Gifford - Director and Producer

We aim to make “production” small and fun.


Elevating Services and Products

Elevating your services and products is our first priority. Whether it’s in a pre-production meeting, a suggestion from behind a camera, or a call from our editing suite to get clarification, we're invested in your satisfaction and building towards a further relationship.

Affordable Rates

We offer:

Pre-production services by the hour, day, or project.
From $125

Production / Filming services by the day or by project.
From $1000

Editing / Motion Graphics by day or by project.
From $800