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Swirl: Communicating Complex Tech with Clarity

Swirl, a leading player in the enterprise search and AI sector, faced a universal challenge: How could they effectively communicate their rapid developments and latest news to both their existing and potential users?

Enter Bob Gifford, who had an ace up his sleeve – Shannon Mulaire, a former news correspondent known for distilling complex topics into relatable narratives. After delving into the materials provided by Swirl, Shannon facilitated an insightful interview with the company’s Founder and President, Sid Probstein.

Our production at Swirl’s headquarters yielded 16 valuable videos, each tailored to address the questions of their user base.

Equipment Details:

  • Cameras: (3) Sony FX6 Cinema Cameras
  • Lighting: Aputure
  • Audio: Wireless lavs and boom microphones


A&M-Central Texas Research Artist: Stephen Porter

Dive into the captivating realm of Frédéric François Chopin as research artist Stephen Porter takes his audience on a musical journey through the Polish French composer and virtuoso’s timeless compositions. In this video, Porter not only plays some of Chopin’s most iconic pieces but also delves deep into the life and work of the legendary composer.

Produced by Bob Gifford and Stephen Porter

Equipment Details:

  • Cameras: (2) Sony FX6 Cinema Cameras
  • Lighting: Aputure and Amaran
  • Audio: Sennheiser microphones
  • Teleprompter
  • (1) Steinway & Sons Piano 😉


Adoptions With Love: Bringing Families Together

Adoptions With Love matches mothers with hopeful parents. Our profile videos allow recent mothers the opportunity to feel a connection with hopeful parents. With sensitivity and kindness we strive to make difficult conversations work for all involved. Filmed in our Newton MA studio.
See more examples on the AWL YouTube Channel:


Hope Lodge: A Cinematic Tribute to Resilience

For the American Cancer Society’s prestigious annual gala at Boston Garden, Bob Gifford took the director’s chair, crafting a poignant film for a cause close to many hearts. Through meticulous research and deep empathy, Bob enabled the guests of Hope Lodge to voice their most profound emotions on screen.

That evening, the film wasn’t just a visual spectacle—it became a beacon of hope, playing a pivotal role in raising an impressive $1.6 million for Hope Lodge. This invaluable establishment offers complimentary accommodation for out-of-town cancer patients, ensuring they remain close to the essential medical care provided by Boston hospitals.


CARB-X: Crafting a Compelling Case for Congress

Boston-based CARB-X, a global non-profit dedicated to fast-tracking antibacterial products to combat drug-resistant bacteria, sought a persuasive 5-minute video to present to Congress, advocating for additional funding.

Bob Gifford collaborated intensively with the CARB-X Public Relations team over several weeks, meticulously crafting the treatment and script to ensure the message resonated. Recognizing the need to film at multiple U.S. locations beyond Boston and working within a restricted travel budget, we strategically enlisted local videographers in Texas and California. Additionally, we innovatively utilized Zoom to capture pivotal online elements integral to their narrative.

The result? A compelling video that played a significant role in securing Congressional funding for CARB-X.

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  • Multiple 4K camera packages

  • Wireless Lav, Boom & Handheld Microphones

  • LED and Softbox Lighting

  • Teleprompter

  • Aerial Drone Photo and Video

  • Craft Editing

  • Motion Graphics & Effects

  • Still Photography