Gifford Productions helps organizations produce videos, create online learning management training systems, film executive interviews, drop social media videos, and coordinate live-streaming events on Zoom, Vimeo and YouTube.

Our clients are typically businesses, non-profits, and ad agencies around the Boston area needing professional video services, but we are also hired by other video production companies from around the globe to act on their behalf.

Our on-line learning (LMS) clients appreciate our one-stop-shop to get their customer and employee training goals launched.

Video clients appreciate our creativity and experience, the film crew’s knowledgeable approach, our professional broadcast cinema gear, but most of all our friendly team first attitude.

Our editing has been known to emotionally move audiences and is described by clients as “masterful, subtle, clever, and experienced.”

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Sample interview of medical doctor in front of our video cameras.

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This film was directed and produced by Bob Gifford for the American Cancer Society’s annual fundraiser gala at Boston Garden. Bob’s research, preparation, and sensitivity gave the Lodge’s guests an opportunity to express difficult emotions. The film was instrumental in raising 1.6 million dollars that evening for Hope Lodge. Hope Lodge provides a free residence for out of town cancer patients to stay close to Boston hospitals.

Case Study

Boston’s CARB-X  needed a 5 minute video to show Congress for additional funding. Gifford Productions worked with CARB-X for several weeks to write the treatment and script. With multiple US locations outside of Boston, and a limited travel budget, we found other videographers in Texas and California. We also used Zoom to capture what we needed to tell their story. Bottom line – this video was helpful in securing Congrssional funding. CARB-X is a global non-profit partnership accelerating antibacterial products to address drug-resistant bacteria.

  • Live Streaming

  • Interviews

  • Video Testimonials

  • Announcements

  • Training

  • Brand Building

  • Product Features

  • Conferences

  • Multiple 4K camera packages

  • Wireless Lav, Boom & Handheld Microphones

  • LED and Softbox Lighting

  • Teleprompter

  • Aerial Drone Photo and Video

  • Craft Editing

  • Motion Graphics & Effects

  • Still Photography