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Concept Development

Sony Professional Cameras

Pro Lighting Tools

Pristine Audio Recording


Motion Graphics

Color and Sound Enhancements

Interviews can be narrative cornerstones.

The Power of  Video

To Tell Your Story


Create Buzz


Brand Awareness Videos

Build trust and credibility in an engaging way to boost your online presence, drive conversions, and set your brand apart from your competitors.

Gifford Productions can help you execute this powerful tool in your marketing strategy, impacting everything from brand perception to customer engagement and conversion rates.

A brand awareness video for Archibus.

Safety Training

Are safety training videos fun? No, not usually. There’s an old saying no-one ever died on the editing room floor. Except this: safety training videos can be a matter of life and death. This video is a compilation of trainings used to educate and protect first responders from hazardous materials scenarios. The video simulations are used within online learning management systems. Decrease workplace accidents and potential litigation, boost staff morale, and enhance your company’s reputation for valuing employee / customer welfare.

B-roll of various safety projects we’ve filmed.

Fundraiser Videos

The Mass 9/11 Fund, the American Cancer Society, Project Hope among others have raised millions of dollars with a boost from our heartfelt videos. Our passion, empathy and ability to tell stories makes these type of projects our favorites. This video produced by Bob Gifford was shown to raise money for Hope Lodge Boston.

Video Tours

Be it your service, your facility, or a 10 ton fishing boat Gifford Productions can work with you to show it your customers. In this example, Eastern Fisheries, the world’s largest scalloper, wanted to show how their latest scallop boat was designed and launched.

Medical Services

High-quality videos can serve as an interactive platform to explain complex medical concepts, procedures, and treatment options in an accessible manner.

Enhance patient understanding and comfort levels, promote informed decision-making and active participation in patient’s care journey.

Investing in video production ensures your practice remains at the forefront, improving patient education, satisfaction, and ultimately, outcomes.

Live Stream Your Boston Conference or Event

Live stream or record your conference to reach a broader audience and allow attendees to review the materials post-conference. Our team would be delighted to work with you and your location vendor. With multiple cameras, your audience will see every angle. And our content creators can help you prepare conference media. Call us at 617-796-7744 and schedule.

Online Educational Learning

Provide consistency in training and scalability, ensuring everyone gets the same content and messages. Allow your customers or employees easy access to educational content anytime, anywhere.

We create and manage robust learning management systems, where users register and login, are directed to courses and lessons, take quizzes and receive certificates of completion. Already have an LMS? Our training videos will elevate your learner’s educational experience and engagement.

Find out more on our e-learning page.

Digital Signage

Our motion graphics department creates the eye candy that makes videos
flow from scene to scene, mixing animated elements with videos, and stills.
Whether it be the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, or your storefront, we’ll get eyes on you.

Sample Projects

A collection of fun and varied projects we’ve been honored and gratefully produced, filmed, and edited over the years.

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