We help clients build brand awareness from script through to delivery. On this particular video, Akumina pulled us in early to work on the script with their marketing and writing team at their NH headquarters. We decided the quickest way to pull off an upcoming deadline was to use stock footage, eliminating the need for shooting.

With an annual subscription to a leading stock footage provider and the agility to source from additional providers when required, we managed to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Post script approval, our editing team maneuvered through 1000s of stock footage clips to gather apt visuals for each scene.

Our director and voice artist collaboratively recorded the audio track, marking the beginning of the assembly process. For the customization of the stock footage, we leaned on industry-leading software, such as the Emmy Award-winning Mocha Pro from Boston’s own Boris FX. Seamlessly integrating with Adobe’s After Effects, this software facilitated the insertion of live product screen shots into stock footage smartphones, tablets, and workstations, adding a unique and personalized touch.

In aligning resources, time, and technology, we succeeded in meeting the deadline without compromising on the budget. The video had its debut at an international business conference, serving as the inaugural act for Akumina’s President’s presentation. Beyond its premiere, the video has evolved into a dynamic tool, enhancing their social media presence and serving as an impactful opener at sales meetings.