Nine years ago we produced “In Just a Few Seconds.” The film tells the story of 17 year old Kate leaving school who looked down to find a restaurant on her GPS. Harold had pulled over to tie down a load on his pickup that had become loose. Kate unknowingly swerved and hit Harold, a husband, father, and soon to be grandfather. Kate never saw him. Harold had no chance. Two families torn apart by a senseless tragedy.

It’s October again here in Massachusetts. It’s darker earlier in the evening, especially on our cloudy or rainy New England nights. Confident pedestrians are still walking home as usual from work, crossing streets in black, talking and texting themselves, walking to restaurants and bars, and riding bikes in our growing “bike friendly lanes,” believing the same rules of caution apply as they did when summer light lasted until 8:30 pm.

According to “For the past five years, 55% of fatalities occurred between October and March …. Factors include less daylight, affecting visibility, and lack of sidewalk access due to snow and ice.”

Our post Covid selves are back to rushing everywhere, busy picking up our kids, meeting friends, or just to get home after a long day. Stuck in traffic, more and more drivers are multi-tasking, texting, switching the radio station, making calls to let our loved ones know we’re on our way. Without light our reaction times are slower.

We produced this video for End Distracted Driving .com and the National Safety Council. It’s seen daily around the country in driver training and re-training classes and in high school assemblies.

It was produced on a budget. A day of filming, a couple of days to edit. That said, it’s gotten a lot of mileage for pennies per view. It still feels long in this editor’s opinion, especially for social media. But the client wanted the extra length for the seated audience who needed the lesson.

Watch if you’d like, or don’t, but please take away the same lessons. Slow down if you’re driving. Put down the phone. Stay focused on driving. If you’re walking, running, biking remember drivers don’t see you like they did in August and September. There are young inexperienced drivers out there. Be defensive. Be safe. Take care of each other.