Your business still needs to run. Your employees need information. Your sales reps need materials and training.

If you are looking for better quality video and audio than a smartphone, someone to help you get multiple takes, to ask questions during an interview, or to operate a teleprompter for direct eyes to audience recording, we can safely help.

With over 30 years of experience in the business Bob Gifford is acting as a single camera operator and director. He will be appropriately dressed with mask and gloves. One person. Not a crew.

He can come to your home, your office, or you can be filmed at the Newton MA studio, off of the Mass Pike.

Your audio will be recorded by a boom microphone and a wireless lav microphone.

Portable LED professional soft diffused lighting will be used. Multiple backgrounds available.

Your Messaging: We can do multiple takes, edit them together later, and will bring a teleprompter to make your messaging look sound and appear more professional than you can ever do yourself.

Need a Live and Archived Webinar?  We also offer live camera coverage streamed to the appropriate platform. We will manage your Zoom or Skype webinar, and add slides and video, professional graphics and branding, professional audio, and recording for later replay.

Video Tours: When your customers can no longer come to you, we can bring you to them with tours of your facility, services or products.

Feel free to call and talk it through.  617-796-7744