Not breaking news here, but AI continues to make mistakes.

I used ChatGPT 4o last week to rewrite a 26 page script that had to be read off of a teleprompter the next morning. Within seconds I had a simpler grammatically correct script that I spent the next several hours verifying. The instructor easily read it off of the teleprompter on one filming day. So yes, AI brings unprecedented efficiency and creativity.

However, taking AI’s output at face value can lead to mistakes. Especially in math and counting, regardless of the marketing videos. For instance, this morning, I asked ChatGPT 4o for a four-syllable word that begins with the letter “W.” It returned “wonderment.” When I pointed out the error, ChatGPT 4o counted the syllables, admitted its mistake, and offered an alternative. “Wilderness.” Huh? Still wrong! Screen shot below.

The point is, while AI is an incredible tool, human oversight is crucial to ensure accuracy. At Gifford Productions, we embrace AI, but always verify. Your audience deserves nothing less.

PS – A correct four-syllable word might be “wonderfully.”

All the best,