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Boston Video Production Services

Video Recording and Production Services

From recording a CEO in a simple office desk environment to working with your guests at a convention center we can make producing your next video a reassuring comfortable experience. It's still about people skills. Our know how on shoot days combined with a full assortment of cameras, cables, HD monitors, lights, backdrops, teleprompters and more keep our customers coming back.  Visit our production gear page. >>

Before touching the gear, our experience in helping clients develop thier ideas and messaging before we get behind the camera is the step where experience and talent really comes in. Produce one video with us and you will see why our customers eventually produce multiple projects. They work.

Online E-learning Videos

Our online video tutorials keep costs down by offering 24 / 7 training to your vendors, customers and employees.

These trainings can be repeated, eliminate travel costs, and increase learning. See our eLearning page. >>

Customer & Employee
Training Videos

You know your product inside and out. Together we'll cut back on your support
calls and create happier customers.

Video Tours

Need customers to view your facility? We provide a cost cutting alternative. Our video tours will take your customers on a journey via skillful shot making and editing pace and flow to see your best light.

Marketing Videos

Our videos have been seen in trade show booths, on broadcast TV, and used as sales meeting openers. Our web videos can be seen on client sites all over the world. Research has shown viewers want video, click on videos, and are more likely to buy products with videos.

Bottom line?

Client relationships are formed because we discover your business objectives, and most importantly take your vision and goals to the eyes of the audience. The success of every video we undertake for every client is paramount to us.