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Our Process

These media creation steps guide us through every project.


We push to identify one clear specific statement. For example:

• Employees need to know our mission statement.
• Customers need to see these three functions of our product.
• Our company needs to sell more ...


We try to evaluate and understand your target audience. We look through your eyes, listen through your ears. What are the audience demographics? Are there language barriers? Where will the media be work, home, or at a trade show?

the creative plan

The creative plan comes from the defined objective and audience. The plan could be a simple outline, a storyboard, or a written script. It answers the questions, "What will we say? How will we say it? What format shall it take - a web page or DVD, a mobile device or Youtube? How will we best deliver the message - through humor, testimonials, statistics, metaphor? Our job in the end is to design an effective presentation that meets the agreed upon objective.


We execute the Creative Plan with our professionals that create media projects every day. In the end, image quality is subtly transferred and tells your employees and customers you care about what they think.

Our video production team has a minimum of 10 years experience. We have freelance talent available for on-screen and voice over, backgrounds, teleprompters, professional lighting, high definition cameras and more. Our web design gurus critique each other's work, pushing each other to become better.


Editing is a combination of having the right hardware and software to do the job, and the technical and artistic skills that make the difference. Again, the primary objective is what we strive for. Graphics are designed and motion effects used when the end result is communicates the objective. Our video and web artists continue to succeed through ongoing training and love of their craft.


No one at GP knows your business more than you do! We need your input. We talk, we email, we ask questions. We give you tools to help us. Typically we post our drafts of work to you on a private server for your content team to go over. Want to sit in on an edit session? You're more than welcome. We are a boutique company that prides itself in personal service to our loyal customers.

distribution, duplication

Once the media project is approved we're ready for the premiere. In the case of DVDs we use nothing but brand name materials. And sometimes the packaging can be just as important as what is on the media. Meticulous design of DVD case inserts, and labels, and proofs to our customers is standard procedure.

Need your video on Youtube? Need your website up asap? Need 1000 DVD copies mailed to each of your customers? Yes we can!


We back-up and store your project and can make quick changes a year or two later. With Gifford Productions there is no need to worry about outdated content.

ready to get started?

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